baDDump aka gogo ICQ: 593948980


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Nick - baDDump (aka gogo)
Profile - hxxp://
ICQ - 593948980
WMZ purses - Z136409603085 & Z400073183605
Claim - $85

Sent 85 wmz for 3 hsbc logins and the guy went offline. Simple as that.


(12:20:33 PM) Smith_Mate: sent
(12:21:11 PM) baDDump - GoGo: lol i closed the txt file i sorted logins for the 85 wmz coz u started talking shit :|
(12:21:23 PM) baDDump - GoGo: need to login to account again and paste logins :p
(12:21:52 PM) Smith_Mate: i'm here
(12:22:53 PM) baDDump - GoGo: k
(12:37:05 PM) Smith_Mate: bro bro bro :D

Haven't heard from him since payment was made, so I guess silence means 1 thing only - hungry RIPPER :D Ban this loud faggot!


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I wanted to purchase some logins from him too and asked for a screenshot, He told me it can be faked. I told him to put my icq window on a side and than take it. Since than he stopped replying and making lame excuses so he definitely is a ripper.


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I think Panther didn't went thru this post, Panther he is continued with his ripping spree, So please give him a ripper status.


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